DELL N62CK cable lock
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DELL N62CK cable lock

N17 Keyed Laptop Lock for Dell Devices Keyed

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Give your employees superior and effortless laptop security with the N17 Keyed Laptop Lock designed for Dell® laptops and tablets. One-click, keyless engagement combines with premium materials and anti-theft technology to make protecting laptops easier than ever.

This product is compatible with the following systems:
Chromebook 11 3180
Chromebook 11 3189
Chromebook 13 3380
Latitude 3180
Latitude 3189
Latitude 3380
Latitude 3480
Latitude 3580
Latitude 5280
Latitude 5285
Latitude 5289
Latitude 5480
Latitude 5580
Latitude 7280
Latitude 7480
Precision 3520
Lock type Electronic
Colour of product Black, Silver
Suitable for Notebook
Easy to use Y
Easy storage Y
Locking Y

24 cm
2 cm
34 cm
0.22 kg