Green Cell Battery for Asus UL30 UL30A UL30VT UL50 UL80 / 14,4V 4400mAh
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Green Cell Battery for Asus UL30 UL30A UL30VT UL50 UL80 / 14,4V 4400mAh

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Warranty: 12 months; Cells manufacturer: Green Cell; Voltage: 14.4V (14.8V); Number of cells: 8; Cells technology: Li-Ion; Colour: Black; Overdischarge protection: Yes; Overcharge protection: Yes; Product code: AS35; Manufacturer: Green Cell; Capacity: 4400 mAh;
Replaces following parts
A31-UL80, 07G016C11875, A42-UL50, A32-UL5, 70-NWU1B4000, A32-UL80, 90-NWT3B3000Y, A41-UL50, A31-UL50, 07G016BW1875, A42-UL30, A32-UL30, 70-NWU1B3000Z, A42-UL80, A32-UL50, 90-NWT3B3000, A41-UL30, A31-UL30, A41-UL80
Asus U30K, Asus PL80VT, Asus UL30, Asus Pro5GVG, Asus UL80EU, Asus PL80JT, Asus X33JC, Asus X34J, Asus X32KE, Asus U40, Asus UL30SU, Asus UL50VG, Asus UL80VP, Asus Pro89VT, Asus X4H, Asus U30S, Asus Pro34F, Asus UL30AT, Asus Pro5GVT, Asus UL80JC, Asus Pro32A, Asus X33SD, Asus X32V, Asus U45J, Asus Pro5G, Asus UL30VT, Asus UL50VT, Asus UL80VT, Asus U30J, Asus X4HJC, Asus U35, Asus Pro34JC, Asus UL30JT, Asus UL50A, Asus UL80V, Asus Pro32JT, Asus PL80, Asus U45JC-WX007V, Asus Pro5GAG, Asus UL80A, Asus PL30, Asus X32A, Asus U30JC-QC1, Asus X32J, Asus U35J, Asus U40S, Asus UL30K, Asus UL50AT, Asus UL80VE, Asus Pro89J, Asus U30JT, Asus PL80V, Asus U45JT, Asus Pro5GV, Asus UL80E, Asus PL30JT, Asus X33J, Asus X34F, Asus X32K, Asus U35JC-RX012V, Asus U40SV, Asus UL30S, Asus UL50VF, Asus UL80VJ, Asus Pro89V, Asus X34JC, Asus U30KI, Asus Pro34, Asus UL30A, Asus Pro5GVS, Asus UL80J, Asus Pro32, Asus X33S, Asus X32U, Asus U45, Asus UL30V, Asus UL50VS, Asus UL80VS, Asus U30, Asus X4HJ, Asus U30SD, Asus Pro34J, Asus UL30J, Asus UL50, Asus UL80JT, Asus Pro32J, Asus X34, Asus PL30J, Asus U45JC, Asus Pro5GA, Asus UL80, Asus UL50X, Asus X32, Asus U30JC, Asus X32VT, Asus U35F, Asus U35JG, Asus UL30JT-RX014V, Asus UL50AG, Asus UL80VA, Asus Pro89, Asus PL80J, Asus U45JC-WX008V, Asus Pro5GAT, Asus UL80AG, Asus PL30-I3, Asus X33, Asus U30JC-QHDA1, Asus X32JT, Asus U35JC, Asus U40SD, Asus UL30KU, Asus UL50V, Asus UL80VF, Asus Pro89JT


Delivery Time for batteries:

The batteries are available for order. Our order from GreenCell is shipped every Thursday and your order will arrive to you 2 weeks later. The transportation is by boat due to the prohibition of transporting batteries by plane.

Available Battery Types:

Standard: 500+ charging cycles
Green Cell batteries are fully compatible models equipped with high-quality cells that ensure a long battery life. Revitalizing your laptop is our specialty.

PRO: 700+ charging cycles
The PRO battery series has been created for users that desire longer working hours. Thanks to the use of Samsung SDI cells with increased efficiency, PRO batteries significantly improve the comfort of mobile work.

ULTRA: 1000+ charging cycles
“To be better than original” - this phrase motivated us when designing the ULTRA battery series. Inside these batteries are the best in class Panasonic cells that can allow you to achieve a working time twice as long as the original models.