Green Cell eBike Battery Panasonic System 24V 17,4Ah 418Wh E-Bike Pedelec
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Green Cell eBike Battery Panasonic System 24V 17,4Ah 418Wh E-Bike Pedelec

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Warranty 12 months
Output 5 Pin
Input 5 Pin
Cells manufacturer Panasonic
Voltage 24V
Cells technology Li-Ion
The possibility of return Up to 30 days
Product code EBIKE32
Manufacturer Green Cell
Size 16 x 9,2 x 27,5 cm
Weight 3,3kg
Capacity 17.4Ah
Indicator LED indicators
Range from 50 km to 100 km
Included Battery, instruction
Case Type Panasonic System
For engines with power up to 250W
Kross, Daymak, Velocity, Adriatica, Giant, Lovelec, Husqvarna, Ducati, KTM, Xplorer, Batavus, Prodigy, Haibike, Ecobike, Keeway, BigCat, Curtis, Radrover, Raleigh, Fischer, Kreidler, Cyclamatic, Triumph, Adore, Gazelle, Liberty, Diamant, Whistler, BMW, Greens, Navigator, Zündapp, Easybike, Kalkhoff, Yamaha, Byocycles, Prophete, Merida, Fenetic, Kettler, Flyer, Cutler, Ranger, Specialized, Freway
Replaces following parts
Haibike, Ecobike, Navigator, Yamaha, Curtis, Kalkhoff, Raleigh, Fischer, Prophete, Flyer, Cyclamatic, Kettler, Ranger, Adore, Gazelle, Diamant, Kross, Velocity, BMW, Greens, Zündapp, Easybike, Lovelec, Xplorer, Byocycles, KTM, Merida, Fenetic, Prodigy, BigCat, Cutler, Keeway, Radrover, Specialized, Freway, Daymak, Kreidler, Triumph, Adriatica, Giant, Ducati, Liberty, Whistler, Batavus, Husqvarna