Green Cell Power Inverter with built-in UPS for furnaces and central heating pumps, 300W / 600W



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Warranty: 12 months
Overheat protection: Yes
Surge protection: Yes
Condition: Fabrycznie nowy
Colour: Black
Product code: INV07
Manufacturer: Green Cell
Input Voltage: 230V AC / 12V DC
Output Voltage: 230V AC
Output frequency: 50Hz
Indicator: diody LED
Shape of the output voltage: Pe?ιna Sinusoida
Included: 2x bezpiecznik
przewody do podpi?Φcia akumulatora
Output: 1x gniazdo sieciowe
1x port USB (5V/1A-2.1A)
Usable power (continuous): 300W
Instantaneous power (impulsive): 600W
Other: Ch?ιodzenie wiatrakiem Turbo Cooling

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